Full Alcatel 5, 3v and 1x announcements set for February 24 at MWC 2018

The highly anticipated and seemingly jam-packed 2018 Mobile World Congress technically doesn’t start until February 26, i.e. one week from Monday, but with Samsung, Huawei and HMD Global all confirmed for attention-grabbing February 25 product announcements, Alcatel probably had to rush its new phones out on the 24th.

After all, TCL’s second most popular mobile device brand is hardly one to typically make waves at these types of international shindigs. Besides, the “re-imagined” Alcatel 5 – 3 – 1 portfolio already saw daylight at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, and a number of subsequent reports extensively covered the details TCL left out back in early January.

Still, we’re curious to find out the exact pricing and availability info of the Alcatel 5, 3v and 1x phones, all three of which will be jumping on the 18:9 display aspect ratio bandwagon. The fact Alcatel USA just tweeted confirmation for the February 24 MWC 2018 launch of the “new global lineup of Alcatel smartphones” suggests these could actually get traction from American retailers.

There’s no conventional flagship model in this trio, mind you, but the Alcatel 5 sure looks intriguing on paper, despite its rumored use of a modest MediaTek processor. The design, in particular, is meant to stand out, with a large “forehead” accommodating dual front cameras, and almost non-existent bottom and side bezels.

The Alcatel 3v and 1x may provide decent bang for buck themselves, with fingerprint scanners and other respectable features covering literally every possible price bracket.

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