Alcatel 1X with Android Oreo (Go edition) and 2:1 screen goes on sale in the US at $100

Google’s Android Go program is growing and expanding impressively fast, as many smartphone manufacturers seem to be relishing the opportunity of loading up their humblest handsets with the latest OS version, optimized to run smoothly on 1GB RAM or less.

As promised, the Alcatel 1X is ready to follow the 3V’s suit and go on sale stateside next week, fetching a modest $99.99 with unlocked support for GSM networks like AT&T and T-Mobile.

Amazon will be the first to ship the 1X to early fans of the Android Oreo (Go edition) platform, while Best Buy and Walmart are themselves slated to carry the low-end 5.3-incher in “the coming weeks.”

The Alcatel 1X holds a great advantage over the slightly cheaper ZTE Tempo Go in its 2:1 “full view” display, even though the bezels are not as thin as you’ve come to expect (from costlier devices), and the 960 x 480 resolution is also pretty bad.

Compared to ZTE or HMD’s Android Go entries, the TCL-made 1X offers significantly more internal storage space (16GB), wasting very little of it on popular Google apps. That’s because they’re all Go-optimized, from search to Maps, Gmail and even Mountain View’s eponymous voice Assistant.

A “reliable” fingerprint sensor, “high-resolution” 8MP rear-facing and 5MP front cameras, 1GB RAM, “all-day” battery, and an “elegant suede fit and finish” are billed as key selling points as well. But at the end of the day, the modern, smooth and secure 8.1 Oreo software alone should make you at the very least curious to try out the Alcatel 1X.

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