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The first time we ever heard the AirPower mat being mentioned was in September 2017. We expected this wireless charging mat to come sometime in 2018 but Apple has failed to deliver, at least up until now. The purported reasons may be a bit concerning and now a report gives us a better idea of what’s happening.

According to a report from Sonny Dickson, the AirPower mat should be coming sometime soon, or at least after Apple solves three problems that have stopped the charger from launching.

The first problem brings tons of literal heat to the subject. The wireless charger emits too much heat which affects the charging rates of the devices placed on top of it. The second issue has to do with communication software, where charging activation and charge levels don’t seem to be flagged properly. The third issue has to do with the coils that are under the white surface of the mat. The problem is that the arrangement of differently-sized coils has generated interference which reduces charging efficiency.

We might see a new AirPower pad next spring but the new wireless device might be something completely different than what we have been shown. Apple may have returned to the drawing board to come up with a new design that will solve all of the previous problems. Or we may see something new from Apple during its event in October where we will most likely see the arrival of the new MacBook Pro and iPad Pro.

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