Samsung staffing airport kiosks for Galaxy Note 7 returns

With the US Department of Transportation banning all Galaxy Note 7 phones from flights that even touch American tarmac and other airlines around the world refusing service to owners, Samsung has decided to catch those caught unawares at the gate to make sure they don’t get criminally prosecuted or, arguably worse yet, lose their phone and all the data on it.

And so, the company has set up and staffed several booths to take in Note 7’s, transfer the data on them to replacement phones on the spot.

San Francisco International Airport is one location of several in the United States while in Australia, the company has disclosed which terminals it is planting employees at all the mainland capitals’ airports plus Canberra and Gold Coast. Korea’s major airports also have the booths. We’re trying to get a more comprehensive list and will update this piece if Samsung PR responds with one.

Ideally, you’d be going to the store you bought your Note 7 from to get a proper exchange started. But the hope is that even if you don’t have the time, that you’re headed to a relatively important airport hub with your Note 7, that you make enough time before your flight to go through the data transfer and that you’re comfortable with, say, a Galaxy S7. But hope’s better than nothing.

Source: KGO-TV, Samsung Australia, Korea Times
Via: PhoneDog

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