A new report from Bloomberg explains the reasons why Apple may ship up to 60 million AirPod units during 2019. This is double the number of units shipped last year, but the popularity of the new noise-canceling earphones has taken everyone by surprise.

The demand for the new AirPods Pro is much higher than expected, and Apple’s assembly partners are trying their best to keep up with production. These $249 AirPods Pro were recently launched with noise cancelation, a new transparency mode and sweat, and water resistance. They are more popular than the original AirPods that were launched in 2016, helping Apple make $6.5 billion combined with other wearables and accessories. These may just be, the best wireless earphones available in the market, and no matter how much other OEMs try to compete with their products, they simply can’t match what Apple has delivered.

Source: 9to5Mac
Via: Bloomberg

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