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Voyeur flashes woman with Apple AirDrop, gets away with it

By Jules Wang August 13, 2015, 10:05 pm

There are plenty of healthy ways of combining mobile technology with our sexual habits: be it through a sexual fitness tracking device, an app that codifies a sexual consent contract, — handy for California users who want to recognize the state’s laws on affirmative consent — or even mobile consumption of porn (smartphones have become the most used medium to view those videos). Nearly nine out of ten US adults have sexted at least once, according to a Drexel University survey. And there’s a certain ring flash from Lenovo worth chuckling about, but hey, we’re not judging.

All these developments are well and good, but there’s always another side to the coin: a south London commuter got two pictures of a man’s penis sent to her iPhone through AirDrop.

Lorraine Crighton-Smith was on a train crossing the city when she received the photos through the iPhone-exclusive local fileshare feature that uses both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections to exchange data. She says she had it on for an earlier photo exchange with another iPhone user. That and the fact that she listed her name on her AirDrop account possibly made her a preferable target for the mobile flasher.

British Transport Police could not give Crighton-Smith any recourse because she had immediately declined the photos on reflex — and who wouldn’t, really? But in the future, if you happen to receive any inappropriate short-distance image transfers, you’re advised to retain the photo and report it to police immediately.

And to further clamp down on your vulnerability, you can adjust your AirDrop availbility settings in the Control Center from being visible to everyone, to only your contacts (which is the default setting) or not being visible at all.

Better yet, to all you nerdy perverts, either keep it to yourself or to a person that has agreed to see your junk.

Source: BBC
Via: Engadget

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