After Title II repeal, AT&T vouches for “Internet Bill of Rights”

AT&T wants congressional legislation to act as an “Internet Bill of Rights” for US consumers after the FCC’s repeal of Title II protections on service providers.

In a letter to the public, CEO Randall Stephenson wrote that rules regarding the internet have been changed time and again by the judicial system and with the political ideology of each new presidential administration.

“It is time for Congress to end the debate once and for all, by writing new laws that govern the internet and protect consumers,” Stephenson said.

The executive looks to interact “with Congress, other internet companies and consumer groups” on a bill.

AT&T’s stance, which was first made in 2010, includes regulations on not just service providers, but companies that do business on the internet like Facebook and Google. The Internet Association, which is backed in part by said companies, stated to Reuters that it “is impossible to believe that AT&T is serious when they have such a long track record opposing consumer protections like net neutrality.”

Putting specific rules down as law — instead of having the FCC interpret and apply existing rules under the Communications Act of 1996 — means that regulations will be harder to change in the future.

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