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Apple pulled a surprise this year with the debut of its new iMac. The internal upgrades (read: an M1 chip inside) were nothing too extraordinary, but what really came as a surprise was the bold redesign, especially the splash of bright colors. However, it appears that this fresh aesthetic approach was not a one-off. Leakster Jon Prosser, who originally predicted about the iMac getting a colorful redesign, now claims that Apple will give a similar treatment to the MacBook line too.

A green Macbook Air? Yes, please!

Prosser cites a source who claims to have a seen a blue MacBook prototype. If Apple is experimenting with a blue paintjob for the MacBook family, it is plausible that more color options are on the table as well. In the past few years, Apple hardware has been increasingly appearing in bold new colors, a stark departure from the muted shades Apple has been favoring for a while. The iPhone XR revived this trend, then it carried on with the iPhone 11 and 12, subsequently made its way to the iPad Air, and eventually to the M1 iMac.

macbook air color renderbyian
Credit: Renders by Ian

However, it is unclear if the MacBook in question is the upcoming MacBook Air refresh, or a revival of the sleek MacBook that Apple discontinued a few years ago. Apple is heavily rumored to be working on a redesigned MacBook family that will make the switch to in-house silicon, ditching Intel chips in the process. As per multiple sources, Apple is gearing up to launch new 14-inch and 16-inch Macbook Pro models in the second half of 2021, and it is possible they might arrive rocking a colorful paintjob.

These upcoming machines will reportedly offer upgrades such as a microSD card reader and an HDMI port as well. Moreover, they are also rumored to adopt the mini-LED technology that Apple employed on the new 5G-ready iPad Pro. Aside from a flat-edged top and bottom, the new MacBook Pro models are also said to come equipped with a MagSafe charging system with a magnetic power cable. Additionally, the M2 chip will be at its heart, while the divisive Touch Bar is going away in favor of a row of physical function keys.

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