For me, the Galaxy Nexus LTE was a series of firsts: it was my first Verizon phone, first LTE device, and my first smartphone with “Nexus” branding. All these attributes were impressive: Verizon’s network had a top-notch reputation, LTE was rumored to be super-fast, and getting a Nexus device was supposed to be the short road to timely Android updates and the coolest Google-sourced features. This combination of positives helped justify the $299 expense, and filled me with hope for great things when I bought the phone back in January.

Six months later, have these dreams come to pass? Has the Galaxy Nexus LTE delivered on these and its other promises? There’s only one way to find out: click the video below for After The Buzz– Episode 5. And, if you’re watching it on a device that doesn’t support annotations, please note that we know about the narration error about the device’s age. Sometimes, when you’re shooting After The Buzz, you’re a little worn out from all the cavorting.


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