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After Realme’s MagDart, here comes OPPO MagVOOC charging

By Samuel Martinez August 24, 2021, 2:19 am

OPPO has had a pretty busy August. The company has recently demoed its latest MagVOOC charging accessories during the 2021 China International Smart Industry Expo 2021, giving us an idea of where the company is headed.

The new OPPO MagVOOC 40W, 20W, Power Bank, and Air Charging solutions are all part of a new, first generation of magnetic charging systems that follow along the lines of other magnetic charging solutions in the market. Yes, we could compare these new magnetic chargers with Realme’s recently unveiled MagDart chargers that feature 50W and 15W chargers, as well as a 2-in1 MagDart PowerBank Base and more since both companies are part of BBK’s family. However, we know that these new ideas have all been inspired by Apple’s latest MagSafe magnetic charging solutions.


Still, OPPO presented something rather impressive, as one of its new wireless solution prototypes is a truly wireless charting system that is capable of charging your device, even if it is several inches away from the charging base.

We can’t say that these are the same products as the ones offered by RealMe, since OPPO’s MagVOOC chargers will deliver 40W and 20W charging speeds, as well as a power bank. The MagVOOC Charging Stand will deliver 40W charge to devices such as the OPPO Ace2, which features a 4,000mAh battery and will reach full charge in 56 minutes. Older models, such as the Find X3, will be able to receive up to 30W, and yes, the new MagVOOC chargers will also power your devices with Qi support, but they will only receive up to 15W.

The 20W MagVOOC adapter comes with a slim design, which makes it more portable. It will also be compatible with Qi devices, but it will only be able to deliver 10W to devices without MagVOOC support. The MagVOOC power bank will also deliver the same 20W to compatible devices and 10W to devices with Qi support. It holds a 4,500mAh battery that will take around two hours to reach full charge via cable. Still, OPPO didn’t reveal pricing or availability dates for these new products, so it seems that we will have to wait a bit longer to try them out.

Now, there was another charging option, the OPPO Air Charging system. This prototype managed to transfer up to 7.5W to a smartphone at a small distance and at various angles, meaning that your phone doesn’t have to be in a specific position or place to get charged. It will also charge your device while in use, so it would be awesome to have this installed in your working space. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that we may see it in the market anytime soon.

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