After microSIM Comes nanoSIM, A Third Smaller

If you thought that the microSIM, the tiny SIM card that became popular with Apple’s iPhone 4 and iPad, was difficult to handle (and cut out for some), brace yourselves and prepare for the upcoming nanoSIM.

Just as manufacturers like Nokia are joining Apple in the microSIM game, a German company announced the nanoSIM which will be a third smaller. Measuring 12mm x 9mm, it is believed to allow manufacturers to produce even slimmer devices, as the thickness of the SIM has been also reduced by roughly 15%. Of course there will be adapters to allow you to use a nanoSIM in a regular (or microSIM) slot-enabled device.

Given the rather difficult and slow adoption of the microSIM (it took almost a whole year for manufacturers to offer devices that accept smaller cards), it might take a while until the nanoSIM is widely adopted (or a device with such a small card requirement is pushed out to the market).

Source: Pocket-lint

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