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After 8 months of Apple AirTag release, Tile sells its Bluetooth tracking business to Life360

By Roland Udvarlaki November 23, 2021, 9:30 am
Tile Bluetooth Tracker Source: Tile

Tile is one of the most popular and most used Bluetooth item tracking devices that lets you find your keys, lost items, pets, and so much more. The competition from Apple, Samsung, and other companies seem to have caught up to Tile, who now managed to sell the company for a deal valued at $205 million.

Tile started out as a crowdfunding campaign way back in 2013, and it quickly raised $2.6 million from its backers. Since then, Tile has become one of the most prominent smart tracker businesses, and it managed to sell more than 35 million devices. Tile has also developed multiple partnerships and a subscription service called Tile Premium, which provides additional features to prevent losses.

Tile started losing its ground when Apple announced its competing Apple AirTags, and Google started building out its item-locating features into Android itself. Samsung has also made its own smart tracker called Samsung Smart Tag.

Life360, who is looking to acquire Tile for a deal valued at $205 million, wrote in a blog post that:

“The combination of Life360 and Tile means safety just got a whole lot simpler for millions of families and individuals around the world. We’ll be bundling Tile devices as part of our Membership plans, and Tile will offer Life360 Membership benefits to its customers. We’ll also start work on integrating our technologies so Tile devices, Jiobit wearables, and Life360 app customers will show up on a unified map – people, pets, and things all in one place.”

The deal is expected to close in the first quarter of 2022, and we’ll likely hear a lot more about the company in the near future as it aims to challenge the super-popular Apple AirTags and other manufacturers on the very competitive market.

Tile Pro 2022

Tile Pro


Tile Pro is the latest Bluetooth tracker from the company. It’s IP67 rated, comes with a replaceable battery, and has a range of 400 ft (120m).

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