Adobe’s Mike Chambers Blames Apple For Mobile Flash Player Death

After killing Flash Player Mobile on November 9, Adobe has released probably the last feature update for the software yesterday. Even though security updates will be delivered for the existing user base, there will be no more future feature versions.

On his personal blog, Mike Chambers, Principal Product Manager for developer relations for the Flash Platform at Adobe, wrote about Flash Player Mobile, among other things. He blames Apple for the death of the software. “This one should be pretty apparent, but given the fragmentation of the mobile market, and the fact that one of the leading mobile platforms (Apple’s iOS) was not going to allow the Flash Player in the browser, the Flash Player was not on track to reach anywhere near the ubiquity of the Flash Player on desktops“, he said.

To add to this, there is also a recent trend which has a growing tendency of supporting HTML 5, which directly competes (or tries to replace) Adobe’s Flash Player. For a rather lengthy explanation, make sure you read the post by following the source link.

Source: Mike Chambers

Via: Engadget

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