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Adobe may give us Google Pixel quality pictures with a new ‘universal camera app’

By Samuel Martinez July 21, 2020, 11:28 pm
Adobe Flash

We know that Google Pixel devices have some of the best cameras in the Android market today. However, they aren’t famous for having the best or the largest camera sensors around. These phones deliver great photos thanks to its image processing software, and it seems that Adobe has taken the first step to create a new camera app that could give us Pixel quality pictures in just about any smartphone.

Marc Levoy was the lead developer of the camera software found in Google Pixel phones, and now, four months after leaving Google, he has now joined Adobe as a Vice President and Fellow. He is supposed to work on the concept of a universal camera app for Adobe. He should also be working with Adobe’s Sensei Team, an AI-based software intended for image professionals. It also uses machine learning to improve the performance of specific photography tasks. We don’t know if this new universal camera app will be available for Android and iOS. Still, we can expect that it may be something similar to its recently launched Photoshop Camera app, which is found on both platforms.


Source Apple Insider


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