Adobe Lightroom photo editing app makes its way over to Android

One of the most powerful features of smartphones nowadays is the camera. What once used to be unsuitable for taking pictures of your lunch can now capture the next internet-famous landscape shots, but editing on mobile hasn’t been the easiest. That’s why, when Adobe brought Lightroom over to iOS last year, professionals rejoiced – and now those same professionals using Android can do so as well, thanks to the arrival of the Adobe Lightroom Android app on Google Play.

There’s one small catch, and that is that you’ll only be able to use the app on smartphones. There’s no tablet optimization here, which is disappointing considering how useful the larger screen can be as a canvas, though Adobe is quick to mention that a tablet-optimized version is on the way. And don’t even get near the Android Lightroom app if you don’t have lots of extra storage on-hand; Adobe recommends that you have eight gigabytes free for an optimal experience.

The app itself is free to download if you’re fine with the multiple caveats, but keep in mind that it’s reserved solely for subscribers to Adobe’s Creative Cloud. For Lightroom only, that starts at $10 a month, if you’re interested.

Source: Adobe, Google Play
Via: Engadget

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