Illustrator for iPad

At its MAX event last year, Adobe announced that it is working on a separate Illustrator app for iPad. It said that the app will be announced in 2020. Now, the company has indeed launched the tablet version of its popular desktop app used for illustrations. Illustrator is the third desktop Adobe app to be made available on the iPad after Lightroom and Photoshop.

Similar to Photoshop’s debut on iPad in 2019, the core functionalities are here with Illustrator for iPad. Some features are still missing, but they are likely not the things you use on a day-to-day basis. The company keeps adding new tools and features to its Photoshop app for iPad, and we expect the Illustrator app to grow as well.

Adobe has redesigned the app to work with Apple Pencil and iPad’s touch support. Illustrator for iPad brings with it the core functionalities alongside being developed enough to convert your strokes and shapes with Apple Pencil into vector objects. Furthermore, it can automatically simplify the curves and the number of points when you’re using Apple Pencil.

Illustrator for iPad comes with the ability to snap the handles on points to specific degrees. You can also select multiple points at once to make vectors easily. Two very useful tools, Pathfinder and Shape Builder have been transformed for the iPad version to offer live previews of these features. Plus, Adobe’s library of over 18,000 Font options is also available on Illustrator for iPad.

Similar to the desktop app, all the work you do on the iPad’s Illustrator app is organised in layers. The work also syncs to your Creative Cloud storage so you need not worry about losing anything if you work across multiple devices.

Illustrator for iPad is included with a Creative Cloud subscription. It is also available standalone for $10 a month. Further, the company is also offering a 30-day trial. The company says its new app will work on any of Apple’s tablets that also support its Pencil stylus.

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