Adobe Details Flash 10.1 Mobile Installation & Update Process

After we had reported that Adobe Flash 10.1‘s adoption on smartphones would be limited by stringent hardware requirements, particularly the demand for CPU power from an ARM Cortex A8 chip or better, Adobe had posted official word of this requirement on its blog as well as detailing the installation procedure for Flash on various Android and webOS handsets. For Windows phone users, Adobe will be working with Microsoft to launch Adobe Flash 10.1 for Windows Phone 7 Series soon.


According to Adobe, when a user opens a Flash-enabled webpage, they will be presented with the option to download the browser plug-in. Once the user proceeds to click to install the plug-in, they would either be directed to a browser-based installation procedure or via the device’s app store (Android Market or Palm App Catalog), though some phones will come with Flash pre-loaded.

Additionally, it seems that Adobe is committed to maintaining Flash 10.1 for mobile with updates as needed. According to the Adobe blog, “As with the desktop install process, with each version of the Flash Player various updates are applied throughout it’s lifetime to ensure a high level of quality. Users can expect these updates to be provided automatically on some platforms via their application store update process, as well as through over-the-air software updates.”


You can read more about Flash Mobile from the Adobe blog for the complete details.

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