If you see people using a Windows phone these days, it’s likely that phone will be a Lumia 640 or Lumia 635.

So the data says from AdDuplex which has tracked movement on the Windows mobile scene. It continues to be mostly dominated by budget entries including the Nokia Lumia 635 and the Microsoft Lumia 640.

The data is taken from device entries into about 5,000 Windows phone apps running AdDuplex’s SDK on November 21.

Here are the top ten devices in circulation:

No. Device Share
1 Microsoft Lumia 640 26.2%
2 Nokia Lumia 635 22.0%
3 Microsoft Lumia 640 XL 3.9%
4 Microsoft Lumia 950 3.8%
5 Nokia Lumia 521 3.5%
6 HTC One M8 for Windows 3.4%
7 Nokia Lumia 920 2.8%
8 Nokia Lumia 735 2.8%
9 Microsoft Lumia 650 2.7%
10 Nokia Lumia 630 2.6%
N/A Other 26.4%

Once we whittle the population down to devices running Windows 10 Mobile software, we do see a little more high-end representation.

No. Device Share
1 Microsoft Lumia 640 20.2%
2 Microsoft Lumia 950 19.3%
3 Microsoft Lumia 650 18.5%
4 Microsoft Lumia 950 XL 6.1%
5 Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL 5.6%
6 Nokia Lumia 1520 4.7%
7 Nokia Lumia 735 4.0%
8 Microsoft Lumia 640XL 3.5%
9 HTC One M8 for Windows 3.4%
10 Nokia Lumia 635 3.3%
* Other 11.3%

One oddity to note is that while the months-old HP Elite x3 is stuck at #19 on the above list, the days-old Alcatel Idol 4s for Windows 10 has struck #16.

Windows Phone 8.1 remains the most popular version in use at a straight 80 percent with Windows 10 Mobile garnering 15 percent. In terms of manufacturer distribution of Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft takes the top spot, having made nine out of ten phones out in the market right now. Alcatel is second with 6.2 percent while HTC (the last effort it put out was that One M8) holds onto a surprisingly large 3.4 percent. BLU and other OEMs are tied at 0.5 percent.

Microsoft is aggressively sending updates out to its Windows 10 Mobile users and those packages have been installed. Build #1607 has reached 77.7 percent saturation in the US and 83.8 percent worldwide. #1511 has 9.9 percent of US users and 8.2 percent of users globally. A healthy proportion seems interested in the Insider builds, taking up 12.4 percent of the US space and 8.1 percent internationally.

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