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Add Colored Chat Bubbles to Text Messages

By Legacy January 12, 2010, 9:00 pm

Some users have grown tired of the standard Windows Mobile threaded SMS layout because of its dull and outdated look. Contrastingly, third party SMS apps often have nicer looking designs for text conversations partially because they integrate colored chat bubbles. This makes it easier to differentiate where each text starts and ends. It also gives the SMS interface a modern feel. Well, thanks to XDA, we can now easily add chat bubbles to texts messages.

Yxyn, from XDA-developers, has created a template to add a bubble and splash of color to each incoming and outgoing text message. To add the bubbles to your standard Windows Mobile texts, simply download the appropriate ZIP file for your version of Windows Mobile to your desktop, unzip the contents within and transfer it to the “Windows” directory of your device. Keep in mind that this will overwrite the existing files, so be sure to back them up before you proceed. If you have trouble overwriting the original files, use a program like Total Commander or Resco Explorer.

I should note that there appears to be a contrast in shade, especially in the grey bubbles, but I still feel they look better than the plain white screen. This hack will most likely encourage other users to create their own designs; so if you’re not a fan of the color scheme shown in the shot above, check the XDA thread often for more color options.

Note: the hack should work for the most common resolutions. It seems to be hit or miss for some users, so please be sure to backup your files in the event that you need to revert back.

Update: it appears that CAB files have been created for easy installation. Grab them from either anaadoul or madsurfer1. (Thanks, Ed! – in the comments)

(via: CareAce)

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