Adblock Plus for Android Has Some Serious Limitations (Video)

We’re surrounded by ads. When we surf the web, when we play our games, sometimes when we’re not even doing anything, ads seem to be consistently bombarding our smartphones and tablets. In the past it hasn’t been that easy to block them. Luckily, that might be coming to an end — but there are some major caveats to be aware of before Adblock Plus for Android will solve all our woes.

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Advertisements help content publishers pay their expenses. Websites need to be designed and maintained. Servers need to be purchased and supplied with electricity and a continuous connection to the innerwebs. Equipment such as HD cameras and products to be reviewed need to be purchased. Writers need to be paid. Without revenue from ads, all of that is put at risk.

We’re not telling you “please don’t ad-block”, we just wanted you to know how ad blocking will impact websites and games that you play. The decision is ultimately yours. We’re just here to share the tools and gadgets with you.

Setup and Limitations

Setting up Adblock Plus for Android is very, very easy. Download and install the app from the Play Store and you’re done. The app takes care of everything else — with some caveats:

  • You can’t get rid of the AdBlock icon in the notification tray — not yet anyway.
  • If your device is rooted, Adblock Plus will block ads served over Wi-Fi and 3G/4G.
  • If you’re not rooted but are running Android 3.1+, Adblock Plus can only block ads served over Wi-Fi.
  • If you’re not rooted and are running Android 3.0 or earlier, you’ll need to manually configure some stuff to get things working right. Here are the instructions on how to do that:
  • Last, but certainly not least, because of the way secure websites work, Adblock Plus for Android cannot block ads served over an SSL encrypted connection.

You can download Adblock Plus for Android from the Play Store.

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