Ad Features HTC Verizon Thunderbolt, New AT&T Inspire 4G

HTC is showing off its actual 4G-enabled Android-powered device line-up in the current issue of the Rolling Stone magazine where, besides the T-Mobile G2 and the just announced Sprint EVO Shift 4G, we meet the Verizon Thunderbolt and the AT&T Inspire 4G.

We have previously met the HTC Thunderbolt (aka Incredible HD or Mecha) featuring a huge 4.3-inch display and LTE capable radio to fit Verizon’s 4G LTE high speed data network.

The HTC Inspire 4G first popped up when we brought you the news of the manufacturer filing for a trademark on the name. We hinted that it will most probably refer to the U.S. version of one of the Desires and the smartphone pictured in the ad shows an AT&T device shamelessly resembling the HTC Desire HD. Recently cleared for North American operation, it also got the 4G tag in its name though AT&T is offering, similar to T-Mobile, only HSPA+ speeds (though according to ITU, 4G can also refer to LTE, WiMax and Advanced 3G, like HSPA+). If AT&T will indeed get a carrier version of the HTC Desire HD, Verizon’s Thunderbolt will have another 4.3-inch competitor with a 1GHz processor and lots of RAM to help it deliver performance, specs we might see on the Thunderbolt as well.

Source: Android Central

Via: Engadget

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