For as useful as wireless smartphone charging can be, it’s not without its drawbacks, but little by little we’ve seen significant efforts to overcome some of these limitations in recent years: from broader availability of public charging spots, to the arrival of devices that are compatible with both major charging standards. And while that progress is great, there’s one problem area we’d yet to see adequately addressed. We’re talking about heat, which wireless charging can generate in abundance when compared to traditional wired methods. And with heat being a mortal enemy of battery life, that’s a real concern. Today we learn how one company intends to do something about that, as carmaker Chevrolet announces its Active Phone Cooling system.

Carmakers have been offering wireless charging systems in their vehicles for years, embedding the same Qi or PMA panels we use at home into vehicle consoles. What Chevrolet intends to do differently is to pair the charging station in its vehicles with a dedicated air vent. When the car’s air conditioner is engaged, the vent directs a stream of cool air right at your phone, hopefully blasting away any excess heat.

It’s a simple-sounding solution, sure, but one that also shows just how serious auto manufacturers are getting about delivering features that speak to a gadget-loving shopper. Active Phone Cooling will be available in Chevrolet’s 2016 Impala, Malibu, Vole, and Cruze.

Source: Chevrolet
Via: Android and Me

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