Acer admits smartphone failure in India, pulling out of market effective immediately

While Apple continues to aggressively pursue government incentives for the erection of iPhone and iPad-manufacturing plants in India, Samsung targets the local mobile payment market, and companies as diverse as OnePlus, Huawei and Xiaomi have recently joined the “Make in India” program, one consumer electronics veteran bizarrely chooses to swim against the tide.

Instead of boosting its smartphone production and marketing presence around those parts, Acer throws in the towel, unwilling to build a “quality product and bleed or just copy others and make a product for a particular price-point.”

A little over half a decade ago, the Taiwanese multinational hardware corporation was ranked second in global PC market share, not suspecting traditional desktops and laptops would steeply decline in popularity under pressure from increasingly potent phones.

Still, Acer did establish a modest handheld portfolio back in 2010, which however never really took off. In India, the rest of Asia or even the rest of the world. Meanwhile, the outfit saw its piece of the shrinking computer landscape gradually take a dive of its own, reaching only 7 percent last year for sixth place in the OEM standing.

It seems logical therefore to trim the fat where Acer isn’t very competitive, and apparently, its smartphone sales in India barely tallied 30,000 units this year. Don’t be shocked if other countries follow before long, since recent research points to a microscopic 0.04 percent share worldwide during Q3 2016.

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