Acer Liquid Jade Primo kicks off pre-orders in Portugal at the equivalent of $650

One glance at the only Windows 10 Mobile flagship not manufactured by Microsoft back when it was first announced, and you could tell the Acer Liquid Jade Primo wouldn’t come cheap. But since its producer isn’t exactly a household name in the smartphone business, we hoped for the best.

Alas, Orange and Expansys Portugal have begun taking pre-orders for the Full HD 5.5-incher, which is valued at a rather steep €600. That converts to $653, so more than both the Lumia 950 and 950 XL stateside.

Obviously, that’s not a fair comparison, and browsing through Redmond’s Portuguese e-store, we find the Jade Primo is almost justly priced. Almost, as the Lumia 950 costs €600, and the 950 XL €100 extra with a free Display Dock bundled in.

The Liquid Jade Primo also includes a Continuum-enabling accessory by default, though its 2-in-1 PC versatility can’t make up for the tiny 2,800 mAh battery and somewhat short-of-remarkable screen.

Otherwise, you get pretty impressive specs, 3GB RAM, 21 and 8 megapixel cameras, Snapdragon 808 processing power, 32GB expandable storage, 4G LTE connectivity and all, so really, don’t be too hard on Orange or Expansys.

Still, it’s probably wise to wait for the phone to pop up on sale directly from Microsoft, around the old continent and elsewhere, in a matter of weeks.

Sources: Orange Store Portugal, Expansys Portugal

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