Can Windows 10 Mobile get any deader than this? We want to believe in the platform’s future, we really do, for the sake of competition and diversity, but Microsoft Lumia devices, both high and low-end, are on the verge of extinction, that fabled Surface Phone is probably not happening, and now Acer effectively pulls the software update plug on its once-so-promising Liquid Jade Primo.

Not only is a Creators update virtually out of the question for the fall 2015-unveiled, spring 2016-released Snapdragon 808 5.5-incher, but apparently, the Windows 10 Anniversary Update isn’t coming either, due to “instability of the operating system.”

The Taiwanese company, which has recently started to phase out some of its regional smartphone distribution channels, made the depressing announcement in Germany, where it decided to “refrain from an update after thorough consideration”, deeming the current OS version “technically flawless and resilient.”

It’s therefore still possible the Mobile Anniversary Update will make its way to the Jade Primo in other markets, though we absolutely wouldn’t count on that. After all, the satisfaction of its customers has to be Acer’s top priority around the world, right?

Besides, the phone is no longer sold through the Microsoft Store network stateside and in many other regions, already taking way too long to score this latest W10M iteration.

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