While it may seem like fans of the struggling Windows 10 Mobile platform are getting plenty of love from device manufacturers all over the world, you can still count the number of “true” flagships officially unveiled with Continuum support on the fingers of one hand.

Lumia 950, 950 XL, Acer Liquid Jade Primo, and HP Elite X3. That’s all there is to choose from for power W10M users. Worse yet, the Elite X3 is only coming in the summer, and the Jade Primo took an eternity to transition from formal announcement to commercial launch.

Up for pre-orders in select European markets way back in January, the Full HD 5.5-incher will barely ship later this week to folks living in Portugal, Germany, Spain, Italy and France, among others. Unfortunately, not even in these territories and not even today can you make your purchase through Microsoft or Acer.

Instead, you have to take your business to your regional Expansys branch or third-party retailers like Germany’s MediaMarkt. And then there’s the price tag, which we can’t help but feel wary about, especially after all those Samsung Galaxy S7 promotions.

Granted, across the old continent, you’re getting free Display Docks with your €600 ($680) Liquid Jade Primo, making it easy to turn your phone into a PC of sorts, using Continuum technology. Still, €600 is a little too much to ask with Snapdragon 808 processing power in tow, 3GB RAM, and a 2,800 mAh battery.

Take note, Acer – if you ever bring the Liquid Jade Primo stateside, which seems less and less likely by the day, you better price it more “aggressively” than that. Let’s say… $500, Display Dock included. That could work.

Sources: Expansys Portugal, Germany, Italy, Spain, France; Mediamarkt.de

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