Acer, Fujitsu Ltd. and ZTE are New WP7 Mango Hardware Partners

We were wondering about those three rumored hardware partners that will be coming to Windows Phone 7 once Mango will be out and it looks like we’ve got official wording from Microsoft. The new OEMs to join the currently existing ones (Samsung, LG, Dell and HTC) will be Acer, Fujitsu Ltd. and ZTE.

Acer is another Taiwanese manufacturer that already made their plans public of embracing Windows Phone back in February. Fujitsu comes from Japan and together with China’s ZTE will be manufacturing smartphones running Redmond’s even latest and greatest, Windows Phone Mango.

The Chinese manufacturer was a bit worried about how Microsoft saw its initial Windows Phone prototypes but it looks like Redmond made up its mind. A Chinese launch — already rumored since long — on a Chinese smartphone will give a huge boost to the platform and the ecosystem as it is the world’s largest mobile market.

These OEMs committed to delivering Windows Phones on a global scale by the end of this year.

Source: Microsoft

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