AccuWeather and Uber bring in Android Wear 2.0 apps

With standalone functions thanks to cellular capability, Android Wear 2.0 is the place to be for app developers. And with that come the big names.

We start with AccuWeather, an app that used to only have two screens: current conditions and an hour-by-hour forecast. After that, you’d have to hitch up with your phone.

There is one more screen now with the Wear 2.0 app and it’s a menu that leads to a few options:

  • Conditions lookup for a certain location
  • Fahrenheit-Celsius toggle
  • Time and date toggles

There’s also a new watchface with a few complications you can toggle.

Over on the Uber side, the Android Wear app has become an Android Wear 2.0 app and the main thing you can do now that you can’t do before is order a ride without your phone connected and keep track of it from start to finish.

Lyft does not have an Android Wear app, so it looks like if you’ve chosen to #DeleteUber with your Android Wear watch, you’ll be stuck a while longer attached to your phone.

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