Yep, we’re talking about that thing you see close to this block of text. That so-called iPhone 7 design. We had our doubts about this very weird shell of a new iPhone, calling notes of the HTC One Max with the pogo pin connectors and the LG G5-style dual-camera housing. Of course, we’ve had to deal with Meizu jabbing at the media with recent antenna lining reveals.

However, sources have been coming out of the woodwork to say that what we’ve been seeing was a prototype, codenamed “D10.” The pogo pins and two rear cameras for the 4.7-inch version of the iPhone 7 have since been cancelled. Murmurs of these features started as early as January. If you’re still reeling from the dismissal of the headphone jack from the next iPhone, keep on reeling: we hear it’s still happening.

Meantime, guesses as to what the camera crater will look like have been landing close to what we’re seeing on the iPhone 6s. The home button may actually convert from a physically-actuating button to a capacitive touch-button. The major stipulation here, though, is that the black iPhone 7 may have a ceramic body — it’s in our opinion that if it were the case, the material would be more akin to HTC’s attempt at a ceramic plate for the One S or when OnePlus implemented the material for some of its phones and not like the LG G4’s back cover coating.

Lastly, we see a leak of the potential battery that will be in the iPhone 7. It’s listed to put out 7.04Wh which means, going by the typical 3.8V difference, that we’re looking at about 1,850mAh — larger than the iPhone 6S’s 1,715mAh and the iPhone 6’s 1,810mAh. Sources claim the iPhone 7’s battery will get closer to 1,735mAh while the iPhone 7 Plus gets to a (sort-of) disappointing 2,810mAh.

Of course, trying to sort out the rotten apples in rumors about Apple products only tends to bring out more rotting apples. More things will change. We’ll keep an eye on those things.

Source: QQ (Google Translate)
Via: PhoneArena

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