A Tour of TouchFLO 3D 2.5

Back a few days ago, we showed you some screenshots of the next version of TouchFLO 3D, also known as Manila 2.5. Now, thanks to a new (very buggy) ROM from XDA developers, we have this detailed video preview to show you.

There are two major themes with Manila 2.5. First is deeper integration. With each successive release of Manila, HTC has been integrating TouchFLO 3D on a deeper level in order to cover up the ugliness of Windows Mobile and keep the user in the elegance of TouchFLO 3D. It’s almost as if HTC is trying to build its own operating environment on top of Windows Mobile. Now the calendar and most of the settings are fulling integrated into TouchFLO 3D.

The other big theme is the use of bigger, finger-friendly buttons. Gone is the 3D contact “flip book”…in its place is a simple grid of customizable photo tiles. Also, the main home screen has been improved by allowing the user to place tiles that link directly to programs, settings, and contacts. Pretty neat!

The new version of TouchFLO 3D will show up on future HTC devices (Whitestone, Firestone), and perhaps on the Touch Pro2 and Diamond2 once they receive their Windows Mobile 6.5 updates later this summer.

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