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A new PRODUCT RED Apple Watch could arrive next spring

By Samuel Martinez December 31, 2019, 12:22 am

Apple has given may of its products a new appearance to participate in the PRODUCT RED charity. We have seen RED iPods, iPhones, cases, watch bands, and more, but we have never seen a RED Apple Watch. Now, according to WatchGeneration, we could get one in 2020.

A new report says that Apple is working on a RED Apple Watch Series 5, since it briefly appeared in an Apple database, under a reference number different from RED bracelets. This new Apple Watch could come with an Aluminum case, and it would look great with other Apple products, such as the iPhone 11, that is already popular in sales. It is also believed that Apple may be working on giving us a spring refresh for the Apple Watch and a more recent fall release to help boost sales. Would you like a new Apple Watch Series 5 in RED?

Source 9to5Mac

Via WatchGeneration

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