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A new Android ransomware emerges and it could be serious

By Anton D. Nagy August 2, 2019, 8:00 am

According to an ESET blog post, a new Android ransomware has emerged on July 12 this year, identified as Android/Filecoder.C. It gets on phones from various online locations, like forums, and spreads via malicious links sent via text to all of the contacts from the victims’ phones.

After getting on a phone, either directly or via SMS, it will then encrypt most of the files on the device, asking for a ransom in order to decrypt them. In order to maximize impact, the ransomware has been discovered to be able of using 42 languages in order to send the text messages for spreading.

Victims do have to, however, manually install the malicious app upon receiving the link via text, so stay away from links you don’t know, and make sure to use common sense while browsing and install a security solution for your device.

More details about this Android ransomware are available in the source link below.

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