A Huge Flaw of the BlackJack II, and a Fix

I recently received a BlackJack II, and am working away on the review. Look for that soon.

As soon as I took the device out of the box and switched it on, I noticed a HUGE flaw: it’s lacking the number key shortcuts that is present on every Windows Mobile Smartphone/Standard device. As seen below, with the BlackJack on the left and BlackJack II on the right, there are empty spaces where the numbers should be.

Fortunately, you can still use the letter keys as shortcuts (denoted by the underlined letter of the command), but that means, for me at least, relearning a host of commands.

Whose idea was this?

Update: Thanks to a anonymous commenter, we have a fix for this issue:

Change the value “HasKeyboard” under


‘0’ will show 1-9 accelerators, and ‘1’ will show letter-based accelerators.

I just tested the registry fix, and it works!

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