9to5Google may have to change its name

Update: After further looking, it appears that only the 9to5Google articles lack ads. Pocketnow regrets the error.

One member of the tech press corps suddenly has had to deal with Google’s Public Policy Team, the unit that deals with trademark protection.

It shut off DoubleClick and AdSense ads on all of 9to5’s entities including 9to5Google, 9to5Mac and electrek after it decided that the name of the concerning site violated Google’s trademark. Google’s ads team was seemingly not informed of the sudden change and very apologetic.

9to5Google began publication in 2011, four years after founder Seth Weintraub started 9to5Mac. The network average hundreds of thousands of pageviews daily. Google’s ads team is much aware that it has admitted 9to5Google press to its events.

We understand that you have been operating the site for many years and have even attended several Google hosted events without anyone bringing up an issue; however, our Legal Team must take action when they discover a trademark violation whether they discover it early on or much later.

9to5 will appeal the ruling by Google legal, but is fielding name suggestions in the likelihood that it will change its name.

Source: 9to5
Via: The Verge

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