9.7-inch iPad Pro gets teardown treatment, reveals itself as DIY nightmare

While some hardcore iFans may choose to blindly trust their heroes and pre-order new iPhones or iPads without waiting to check out hands-on previews, unboxing videos and rigorous reviews, many prospective buyers these days go the cautious route.

That often includes probing the internals of a just-launched iDevice not only through synthetic benchmarks. You also have iFixit to be grateful of for the most thorough, information-packed and quick teardown inspections.

The latest such destructive/educational material puts the spotlight on the 9.7-inch iPad Pro’s guts, which are predictably assembled in amateur repairmen-discouraging fashion. How tricky is it to safely take this tablet apart, replace a faulty component if need be, and put everything back together? Let’s just say Tom Cruise would get a splitting headache looking at the gadget’s blueprints.

Nothing’s truly impossible, of course, but if this is your first home repair dance, and aren’t willing to throw $600 in the bin, it’s best to leave all maintenance work to the professionals. Merely opening up the diminutive iPad Pro takes a nail-biting 30 minutes, and there are small parts you can damage literally every step of the teardown way.

Overall, this bad boy scores a worse repairability grade than even its big brother, at 2 out of 10 points (compared to 3), with a “solidly adhered battery” in tow, “virtually impossible to replace” Smart Connector, and the LCD and front panel glass fused together.

As for exactly what’s under the hood, there are no big surprises to report. You’re basically looking at a shrunken down 12.9-inch iPad Pro, with a top-notch rear camera borrowed from the iPhone 6s, and loads and loads of chips united to deliver the entertainment and productivity of a lifetime. Oh, and in case you were wondering, the battery is rated at 27.91 Whr and 7,306 mAh, which are lower numbers than the ones yielded by the large iPad Pro, but marginally superior to the iPad Air 2’s.

Source: iFixit

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