‘Nearly 85 percent’ of recalled US Galaxy Note 7 units have been officially replaced thus far

It’s time for an official update on the US Galaxy Note 7 Refund and Exchange Program, following another few weeks of general confusion, contradictory reports and regional discrimination in terms of combatting unsafe smartphone usage.

Samsung insists “the majority of the participants” are “opting to receive another Samsung smartphone” (mainly, the Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge, we presume), while flaunting a new replacement tally that sounds fairly remarkable at first.

“Nearly 85 percent” of all Galaxy Note 7 devices sold stateside is no doubt a big number, and whether the Korean tech giant has lost a solid chunk of customers to Apple, Google and LG or not, it benefits everyone in the business, and especially the everyday consumer, to take over a million hazardous products off the US streets.

At the same time, you have to wonder if Samsung perhaps didn’t do enough to also convince the other 15+ percent of American Note 7 owners it’s game over for the phablet with so much initial promise.

We’re still talking a few hundreds of thousands of people here, unnecessarily endangering both their lives and those around them, with that battery-limiting software update barely expanding from Asia and Europe “in the coming days.” Samsung is also only now pushing “reminder pop-up notifications” to US Note 7s, nagging you about the recall every time you charge (up to 60 percent, tops), reboot or turn on the phone’s screen.

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