80 percent of US consumers are satisfied with the iPhone X

Last month, we learned from Creative Strategies’s survey that 97 percent of iPhone X owners (out of a group of just under 2,000 participants) were satisfied with their purchase.

This month, the University of Michigan has updated its American Customer Satisfaction Index for cellphone makers. The long-running study measured more than 45,000 participants’ satisfaction levels on brands, specific models and features.

In general, 79 percent of cellphone owners say that they are satisfied with them. Apple and Samsung remain close to each other with 81 percent and 80 percent ratings, respectively. All three figures have not changed since the survey was conducted last year.  HTC, in fifth place, also did not change at 76 percent. The biggest movers were Motorola and LG, with each gaining around 4 points to 79 percent and 77 percent. Other manufacturers landed at 75 percent.

Ironies of ironies, the iPhone 7 Plus is the top-rated phone for 2018 at 85 percent while last year’s Galaxy S8+ and S8 follow at 84 and 83. The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus lead the current model year at 83 percent each with 2015’s LG G4 and iPhone 6 Plus tied at 82. Tied with the iPhone SE at 16th place is the iPhone X at 80 percent.

“For iPhone users, the features of the X model are not enough to offset the cost,” the study said.

Speaking of features, overall, consumers are the least satisfied with battery life. While it has improved from its score of 72 in 2013, 77 still seems like a paltry bump for five years. All other features like “east of phone calling,” “video quality,” and “ease of navigating phone menus and settings” have either stayed even or have decreased from last year, though all scores still run above 80 percent.

The survey results were collected from last April to this March, which means that plenty of data has been put in from consumers of all sorts. We don’t know how much of the sample has been included in each section, though, but it’s likely that we have a clearer pulse of the average American’s mobile tech preferences.

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