8 Tips to improve battery life on Android phones

It’s a common gripe from smartphone owners. At some point, after the “new phone smell” has worn off, people will start to complain about performance and battery life.

We use mobile devices pretty aggressively these days. Think back to where we were five years ago, and we have to acknowledge that we have seen steady and consistent growth in battery technology and capacity. It’s pretty normal these days to have a shockingly thin handset which also backs a respectably large battery. The problem is, battery tech hasn’t improved at the same rate that display, CPU, and GPU performance have improved. Even if it had though, we can always count on consumer behavior as the great equalizer. We could double the battery capacity of a consumer’s phone, but that consumer won’t continue to use the phone like they did with the smaller capacity, they’ll instead use the phone even more throughout the day, then still complain that the device doesn’t deliver the same run time as when it was brand new.

How might we address this issue? A lot of phones prevent us from swapping out the included battery for a larger one, so instead we have to look at what behaviors we can change when we want to really maximize longevity. Wanna get as much run time as you can away from a charger? Here’s eight simple tips to help you hypermile your phone. Though, you probably won’t really want to do them…

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Juan Carlos Bagnell
Juan has been geeking out on personal computing since before PCs had GUIs. After studying Theatre in college, Juan worked with a contractor that supported servers and mobile devices for Department of Energy facilities. After moving to Los Angeles California, and working as a commercial casting director, he now dedicates his time to discussing the tech landscape as a consumer advocate. You’ll often see him pop in local news broadcasts. Passionate about mobile content creation, he recently published his first book on smartphone photography.