Dear Sony, why can’t we get the 6GB Xperia XZ3 too?

The Xperia XZ3 was the highlight of Sony’s IFA 2018 presence. With its Bravia OLED screen and pebble like design, it is one sexy phone. Pre-IFA rumors detailed the internals of the smartphone, including 6GB of RAM. Only 4GB of memory is what we’ve got once the device became official. It looks like the rumors weren’t that far off, though, as a 6GB Xperia XZ3 exists.

According to Sony’s webpage, said 6GB Xperia XZ3 is headed to Taiwan, and Hong Kong. The product page clearly states 6GB of RAM, and we’re pretty sure we’re not looking at a typo. This is not the first time Sony is increasing the amount of memory for Asian models. The Xperia XZ2 before that was also equipped with 4GB of RAM around the world, except in Asia.

With most flagship phones nowadays launching with at least 6GB of RAM, the question arises: why can’t we get the 6GB Xperia XZ3 too?

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