If you don’t believe that smartphones will one day (soon) pack 6GB of system memory, you’re just not paying attention. We moved from 2GB, to 3GB, to 4GB in just a few years, and component manufacturers like Samsung have already announced chips ready to give the phones of the future a massive 6GB of RAM. But when will someone go and actually build such a model? None of the rumors of 6GB phones we’ve heard thus far have managed to pan out, but it’s just a matter of time before one does. The latest smartphone mentioned as a 6GB contender is one of Samsung’s own, as a rumored set of Galaxy Note 6 specs points to the phablet supersizing its memory.

According to this source the Galaxy Note 6 will see its screen size grow ever so slightly to 5.8 inches, keep its quad HD resolution, and beyond just supporting a pressure-sensitive S Pen, also give us a screen that itself can respond to differing levels of touch input. Samsung may drop a 32GB storage option altogether, giving us just 64GB and 128GB SKUs, and the phablet may end up with a 12MP (like the Galaxy S7) OIS-equipped camera.

And yes, in addition to all that, we’re told the Galaxy Note 6 could be rocking 6GB of LPDDR4 memory.

The source mentions that a pair of SoC options may be in play, presumably a Snapdragon and Exynos chip, but doesn’t go into specifics about just which SoC we’re talking about – likely an 820 and 8890. Other details, like anything about the phone’s battery, are missing from this account entirely.

This early on, and without any documentation to back up these claims, it’s hard to put a ton of faith in what we’re hearing. But we’ve got months and months to go before Note 6 rumors even hit top gear, and more time still to sort out the trustworthy bits from the other gossip before the phone launches. Perhaps we really will see more support for the idea of 6GB of RAM. For now, it’s a nice thought – but we’re going to need some more convincing.

Source: HQ_VISION (Weibo)
Via: phoneArena

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