We all love phones and tablets that include oodles of built-in storage, but we also appreciate the ability to expand our storage as well. Thank goodness for sdcards!

Not all sdcards are created equal. In addition to differing capacities, cards also have various speed capabilities. Read and write speeds are important for a variety of reasons. Videos we record on our phones and tablets are now capable of full-HD, that’s a lot of bits that have to be stored somewhere. If your sdcard isn’t fast enough to receive all that data it means your video quality will suffer. Dropped frames, blurring, and blips in audio are some of the symptoms of a storage card that isn’t quite fast enough.

To help consumers determine how fast cards are, manufacturers came up with a way for consumers to quickly and easily tell their speed using “Classes”.

sdcard speeds
“Classes” were added to sdcards so users could tell how fast they are.

Class 6 ought to be fast enough for most of today’s general purpose uses, but for more demanding uses, it’s just not fast enough. Class 10 tries to fill in that gap, but we can go faster! How much faster? So fast that they came up with a completely new label to indicate the new “ultra-high speeds”: UHS.

UHS-I SD and microSD cards are capable of ridiculous speeds. Samsung’s high-end “Pro” editions (meant for LTE phones and tablets) are capable of read/write speeds at 80MB/40MB per second (SD) and 70MB/20MB per second (microSD). That would be roughly equivalent to Class 40 and Class 20, respectively. The proposed UHS-II specification could raise this to a theoretical maximum of 312 MB/s — Class 312. Try and fit that in a little “C”!

Samsung showed us a couple 16GB microSD cards earlier this year, but at IFA 2012 they’re showing off 64GB versions! That’s great news! What’s even better? Samsung reports they’ll be generally available in mid-October 2012.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow 

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