Last fall, we saw Jolla turn a new page for both itself and Sailfish OS, stretching beyond its smartphone to test the waters of the tablet market as it attempted to crowdfund an affordable Sailfish OS-powered tablet: the aptly-named Jolla Tablet. Despite the platform’s relative obscurity in the eyes of the mainstream mobile customer, Jolla quickly saw the cash pour in, with backers eager to support the company’s vision. Now it’s giving you a second shot at snagging one of these guys, opening funding at a new level for a 64GB edition of the Jolla Tablet.

The original tablet was a 32GB model, and after moving a bunch of these units at sub-$200 early adopter levels, the tablet settled in at around the $210 mark.

For this new round of funding, the 32GB model is back, now at more like $220. The new 64GB option will run you closer to $250 – which represents a very affordable premium for such a big storage bump.

If you already committed to a 32GB tablet and now you’re wishing you knew this 64GB model was on its way, you’re not out of luck: Jolla will upgrade your order to the 64GB edition for an extra $25.

Heck, you might not even need that upgrade; in addition to introducing the new 64GB option, Jolla is upgrading its tablet offerings across the board with microSDXC support for cards as large as 128GB. It’s also giving the battery a minor boost, going from 4300 to 4450mAh. And you don’t have to do a thing to get these bonuses – they’ll be present on all orders, new and old.

There’s one (oh, so tiny) cloud in this otherwise sunny sky, as Jolla reveals that it won’t be giving the tablet the proximity sensor it was originally intended to get. Then again: this is a friggin’ tablet. We think we can live without a prox sensor.

Both 32GB and 64GB Jolla Tablets are slated to start shipping in late spring.

Source: Jolla (Indiegogo)
Via: MobileSyrup

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