What is going on with Samsung’s efforts to deliver a 64-bit Exynos chip? The company confirmed plans for such a processor just days after Apple’s announcement of the iPhone 5S (with that 64-bit A7 of its own) last summer, but ever since then we’ve been a little unsure of just how far along the company’s work might be. Some reports suggested that a 64-bit Exynos would arrive sooner than not, and maybe even in time for the Galaxy S 5 (which, clearly, has not happened). Other statements from Samsung had us thinking that the chip might be further off, sometime in the second half of this year. Yesterday Samsung shared news of its latest Exynos chips, with nary a 64-bit component among them. Is this 64-bit Exynos still in the pipeline? Samsung says “yes,” but it’s not quite there yet.

According to Samsung exec Kyushik Hong, the company will likely introduce its 64-bit Exynos sometime before the end of the year. Samsung is counting on its chips being ready to go by the time Android fully supports such 64-bit processors; we’ve already talked about how the 64-bit groundwork has been laid in Linux, and it’s just a matter of bringing Android around to the same place.

Hong also talks about Samsung’s aspirations to get its chips into other OEMs’ products, hoping to compete more directly with the Qualcomms of the world. And for all you nay-sayers who can’t see the phrase “64-bit smartphone” without screaming “but phones don’t even NEED to be 64-bit,” Hong seems like a sympathetic voice. “64-bit is very important,” he explains, “in the sense that there’s a real demand, whether you need it or not.”

Source: CNET

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