Apple has started to file its new Apple Watch Series 4 models with the Eurasian Economic Commission. This, as a part of legal requirements for any encrypted devices sold in Armenia, Belarus, Russia and more. What’s interesting is that we don’t get two or three, but six different model numbers.

A1977, A1978, A1975, A1976, A2007, and A2008 are the new model numbers that Apple has registered for the new Apple Watch Series 4. We can easily believe that we will get three different versions of the Apple Watch but in two sizes. This information comes from Consomac, a French blog. We also see some images of what we might see soon thanks to Ben Geskin’s Twitter account.

Series 3 Apple Watches have eight model numbers which include two aluminum GPS only models and six aluminum, stainless steel and ceramic LTE models in two sizes. This probably means that we may be missing out on a couple of options, maybe even losing the GPS-only models.

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