China Mobile recently began briefing its employees on the new iPhones that will be announced this Wednesday. As is typical, one cheeky worker decided to snap a picture of a presentation slide and pass it along to the interwebs — the interwebs, in this case, being Weibo, where people have been busy dissecting the latest rumors from ones laid out in the past.

In the picture, we learn that sales activities will begin at the carrier on September 21. There will be two premium devices going up for orders on that date: the 5.8-inch OLED iPhone XS and the 6.5-inch OLED iPhone XS Plus, also being called the iPhone XS Max elsewhere. It will take at least a month for a 6.1-inch LCD iPhone XC — which has previously been called the iPhone (2018).

All three devices will possibly have dual SIM card slots for the first time in iPhone history. For the XS and XS Plus, that variant will be going online immediately. While a single-SIM version of the iPhone XC will come out around October, it will take until around December to get dual-SIM in.

As for starting prices, it seems that Apple will stick with 64GB for the base storage option, but prices will be going up from 2017: the iPhone XC will be marginally costlier than the iPhone 8 at ¥5,888 ($858), the iPhone XS will step up 11 percent from the iPhone 8 Plus to ¥7,388 ($1,077) and the iPhone XS Plus will come to ¥8,388 ($1,223), just an inch up from the iPhone X. Keep in mind that these numbers are for the Chinese market, which pays a hefty import duty on American electronics.

A recent rumor suggested that European iPhone pricing will remain the same from last year when comparing the same corresponding models.

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