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While 5G is in its infancy, its deployment and adoption will be fast. Being lightning fast, 5G is pushing hardware manufacturers to upgrade their components in order to handle extremely high transfer speeds. Processors, memory, storage, and battery are not the only ones that will be upgraded, according to supply chain reports, but display panels as well.

Together with the adoption of 5G, smartphone manufacturers will have to employ better, faster display panels, in order to maintain a high level of user experience. These will operate at 90Hz, or even 120Hz, the report suggests. Several manufacturers are already offering fast displays (OnePlus and Google, just to name a few), but the report suggest that these fast screens will become the norm once 5G is here to stay.

The report also contains rhetorical question about whether we’ll see a 5G iPhone next year, and if yes, will it employ a 120Hz display.

Image source: Pocket-lint

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