The wait for a 5G iPhone could perfectly extend all the way to 2020

We know that Apple is also working with Intel to deliver a 5G iPhone in the following years. There are some sources that say that tests have already begun and that we could see 5G capable devices soon, but Bloomberg says that we will have to wait a bit longer.

The report says that Apple will have to wait until 2020 or maybe later to give its loyal subjects a 5G iPhone. This would be a setback for Apple since they were the always up to speed when 3G and 4G networks came along. Android devices would then be first, again, to deliver new tech and these speeds to their users. Lately the only type of innovation Apple has given us is the notch and hopefully, this is just a fad, as Android OEMs are starting to present other options to avoid it. In any case, Intel modems have been slower than the ones from Qualcomm, but the legal disputes between these companies have forced Apple to stick with these modems. Too bad, it seems we won’t be getting iPhones with 5G anytime soon.

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