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5G will likely determine Apple and Qualcomm to bury the hatchet, sources claim

By Anton D. Nagy August 1, 2018, 8:30 am

Last week Qualcomm’s CFO George Davis said he believed Apple will only employ chips from Intel in the upcoming iPhones. The two companies are caught up in a patent dispute with Qualcomm not giving up on its claims, and Apple deciding not to use Qualcomm’s chips in the upcoming 2018 iPhones.

However, sources from the supply chain cited by Digitimes claim that Apple and Qualcomm will eventually make peace. People in both upstream and downstream supply chains believe that the upcoming 5G adoption, roll-out, and push, will determine the two companies to patch things up among them.

Same people believe that it would be “risky” for Apple to rely “on the yield rate of its 5G smartphone production adopting non-Qualcomm chipsets, while Qualcomm’s 5G chip solutions now boast strong comprehensiveness“.

While Intel may very well capture and satisfy all of Apple’s 2018 iPhone needs (and probably on the long-term), sources indicate that Apple will likely need to turn to Qualcomm again when it will decide to offer 5G (and backwards 4G compatibility) on its iPhones.

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