The Moto X+1 leaks just keep flowing in, and by now, we think this is more than likely a thing. Today we’re shifting gears to examine the camera side of things, which (as many remember, having learned it the hard way) was not the greatest on the original Moto X, as we explained in our full review of that phone. If a YouTube video allegedly showing a video sample from the X+1 is to be believed, the Moto X+1 just might feature 4K video recording.

Keep in mind that 4K isn’t ground-breaking by any means at this point. The LG G3 has it, the Galaxy S5 has it, and almost every other recent flagship shares in the notion (with the notable outcast being the HTC One M8). However, having 4K on the X+1 would at least be a step up, right? Wrong.

From this initial video sample, we don’t stand impressed. While YouTube compression does indeed play a part in reducing video quality, focusing didn’t seem too consistent when the folks from TK Tech News took a walk with the phone.

Some of the imagery looks nice, we guess, but color us unimpressed. The huge caveat here, is that this is allegedly a pre-production X+1 model still possibly months away from a consumer launch. Things are bound to not work as intended at this point in the prototyping stage, so Motorola still has plenty of time to get its camera issues ironed out.

In related news, the same source has published an image to Instagram showing off the Moto X+1 compared to the original Moto X. It looks a bit bigger from what we can tell, but that sandwich bag makes us hard for us to judge. Either way, the leaks are flowing, so we aren’t complaining

Sources: TK Tech News (YouTube), tktechnews (Instagram)

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