To put it one way, the ASUS ZenFone 2 offers users a lot of options; while most smartphones only go so far to give shoppers a choice between storage capacities, the ZenFone 2 mixes things up with varying amount of RAM, screen sizes, resolutions, processors, and batteries. There’s so much variety, that to put it another way, ASUS is a little crazy to be selling this all as just the “ZenFone 2,” when by most logic we should be looking at half-a-dozen distinct smartphones. Since first seeing the handset debut we’ve even witnessed ASUS launching further options still, like the crazy-high-capacity 256GB model. Today we learn about another sill, combining 4GB of memory with a very low price tag.

The ZenFone 2 first got a lot of attention for its 4GB RAM option, but it wasn’t available in all configurations; if you wanted that much memory, you were stuck with the 5.5-inch $300 version. This new 4GB model is still a 5.5-incher, but it has more in common with the old $200 2GB ZenFone 2 – same 1.8GHz Intel Atom quad-core SoC and all. Except now ASUS is selling the phone with its RAM boosted to 4GB, for just about $230.

Whether double the RAM is worth that extra $30 is going to be up to you shoppers, but we’re just happy to see the high-memory option arrive at this low a price point. Could we finally be reaching a point where phone manufacturers learn they can’t get away with charging ridiculous premiums for relatively meager (and not at all justified by the price of components in question) memory and storage upgrades? We dare to dream.

Source: ASUS (Amazon)
Via: phoneArena

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